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Final AQHA World Halter Champions Include Robertson, Roark, Finkenbinder

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By: Brittany Bevis

Today, the final World Champions in Halter were crowned at the 2019 AQHA World Championship Show. First, Jason Smith led Raylan Givens to win Weanling Colts for Joy Stehney. We chatted with Joy the other day when she was named the World Champion in Amateur Weanling Colts. Click here to read her interview.

Reserve was Ross Roark with Cool Cool. Third was Tom Robertson with Secret Acquisition. Fourth was Buddy Laney with FG Hypnotizing. Fifth was Kathy Smallwood with Gun Toting Texan.

Tim Finkenbinder was at the lead of Classiest to win Weanling Fillies. We chatted with the owner of “Classy,” Amy Jo Erhardt, the other day when she was crowned the World Champion in Amateur Weanling Fillies. Click here to read more.

Reserve was Jason Smith with Sasseta. Third was Steve Ferguson with CF Sittin Pretty. Fourth was Tom Robertson with Shezz To Cool. Fifth was Luke Castle with Talk To My Agent.


The winner of 2-Year-Old Stallions was Ross Roark with Evinceble. Reserve was Luke Castle with CR Peacemaker. Third was Jason Smith with DMM Double Oh Seven. Fourth was Tim Finkenbinder with I Got Cool Luck. Fifth was Andy Staton with Juz Sayin.

Now that Evinceble has been named the Open and Amateur Grand Champion at the Congress and crowned the Open and Amateur World Champion at the World Show, his owner, Scott Trahan, has let us know that this stallion will now be retired to begin his breeding career. Given the plan, we wondered if there was a bit of pressure coming into the World Show after such a successful Congress.

“Anytime you show a stallion, it’s so competitive, probably because of the financial aspect of it,” Scott says. “Then, the 2-year-old division is probably the most competitive class that everyone wants to win. So, I did feel a little pressure, but the whole time I knew that I had a great horse, and that always makes it easier. But it’s a horse show, and there are a lot of dynamics that go on. 90% of it is the horse, and then you’ve got 10% of stuff you can’t control.”

“But, this horse is so conformationally good that he always manages to win, because it’s hard to beat him. It’s hard to pick him apart. He never really gets a low score, so when you average it out, he always seems to win. He’s won every big show he’s ever been in. He’s won at all the Congress shows he’s ever been in and all the World Shows he’s been in. Undefeated.”

Evinceble has been with Tom Robertson since he was a baby, but now that his show career has come to a close, he will live at Milan Quarter Horses. Then, it’s off to Stallion Marketing Services with Kim Dean where he will begin his breeding career. “Last year, we test bred him, and he has 14 babies coming in 2020.”


Tom Robertson was the winner of Yearling Colts with Irrefutable. Reserve was Tim Finkenbinder with My Bravado. Third was Jason Smith with GLS Uptown Secret. Fourth was Buddy Laney with FG Xxpectations.

The owner of Irrefutable, a colt by Ecredible and out of a My Intention mare, is Christopher Perniciaro, who nicknamed his horse “Gordie” after Gordie Howe, “the greatest hockey player of all time.” It’s a very interesting story as to how Christopher obtained Gordie, and he can thank his lovely wife for the smart acquisition.

“I was in the garage, and my phone was in the house. My wife kept hearing it beep, so she looked at it. Tom had texted, ‘So, you guys don’t like this colt I sent a picture of?’ I came back in the house and the next thing I know Laura had bought a horse. Surprise!”

After that, Gordie went on to win at the Congress in Amateur Weanling Colts and was Reserve in Open Weanling Colts in 2018. This year, he was Reserve in Amateur Yearling Colts and won in the Open Yearling Colts. He’s also now a two-time World Champion as he won both the Amateur Yearling Colts and Open Yearling Colts here at the show.

“Tom Robertson has had him the whole time and has done an excellent job. We’re so happy. He’s so balanced, and his front end is so big and pretty. His neck comes out great, and he will be good for a long time. We’ve never stood a stud before, but we’re real high on that. Tom thinks he will be even a better producer than a show horse, so we’re hoping for good things in the future.”


Finally, winning Aged Mares was Tom Robertson with Baby I’m Worth It. Reserve was Ross Roark with Bee Jewelled. Third was Jeffrey Pait with Can’t Touch Her Guns. Fourth was Buddy Laney with Dawns Cool Girl. Fifth place was Tim Finkenbinder with Alusion.

We talked to “Penny’s” owner, Warren English, last week when he was named the World Champion in the amateur division. Click here to read his interview.

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