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Youth Profile: Lane Kail And Battarang

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114 – January/February, 2024

By Elizabeth Arnold

The Triple Crown: the accolade marks a significant achievement in both horse racing and baseball; how fitting then that youth exhibitor Lane Kail and his equine partner Battarang have achieved what few other exhibitors ever will. Going into the 2023 show season, Kail had one goal—hit it out of the park with Battarang and bring home the youth western pleasure triple crown.

Kail, a soft-spoken teenager from Scottsdale, Arizona is quick to credit Battarang or “Judi,” as the secret behind their success. The six-year-old gelding by Battman and out of Lopin My Blues Away has been an ideal fit for Kail, who grew up in a family dominated by horses.

“Horses have always been an everyday thing in my life,” says Kail. “My parents are both horse trainers, so I’ve always been involved. My earliest memories are going to the barn as a kid and my dad leading me around. I started doing leadline at four years old on one of my dad’s rope horses. I don’t think there’s a time I’ve ever been without a horse.”

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114 – January/February, 2024

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