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Who Holds The Key: The Sire Or The Dam?

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68 – January/February, 2024

By Brittany Vermeer

It’s the age-old debate that’s perhaps even more complex and controversial than ‘which came first- the chicken or the egg?’ And that is…

What’s the most important part of a pedigree – the sire or the dam?

There are many opinions on the topic, and your answer to this question is likely based upon empirical evidence and your own personal experience. But before we get into that, let’s look at the science.

Dr. Phil Matthews, an equine reproductive veterinarian with over 40 years of experience, explains that both the stallion and mare are each responsible for contributing up to 50% of a foal’s genetic makeup. Within the cells of the body, there are structures called chromosomes (horses have 64) that contain DNA. Inside the DNA are genes that are responsible for traits like conformation, coat color, and health conditions.

“The offspring basically get half of their genetics from the sire and half from the dam, so they make an equal contribution,” Dr. Matthews says.

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68 – January/February, 2024

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