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What It Takes To Create An Epic Congress Stall Front

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138 – September/October, 2022

By Kristen Spinning

The Congress stall fronts are a beloved aspect of the show. Elaborate construction of virtual homes, ranches, front porches, and cantinas sprout from many of the stall blocks. From grandiose to rustic, contemporary elegance to outdoorsy retreat, each reflects the nature of the farm that constructed it. The competitive nature of people whose lives revolve around showing off their skills has given rise to ever more sophisticated designs as the years pass. Yet there are very practical and useful aspects to the stall fronts. Congress is a massive, long show. People need a home base to keep up their energy. Why not make it a showcase ?

Terry Bradshaw Quarter Horses

When Jarrell Jackson plans the stall fronts for Terry Bradshaw Quarter Horses, it is all about image. He says, “It’s like driving into our ranch; you only have one shot to make that first impression.” His focus is on originality, comfort, and practical function. Jarrell makes it his mission to upgrade their presentation every year and is constantly devising ways they can improve. His strategy is simple, “You can’t realistically sell a product for what it is worth if the customer is not already impressed.”

The ranch-themed stall front consists of wooden wall sections with a tin roof that completes the western vibe. They recently added a wood porch so they had a place for tables and chairs in front. They dress the scene with mulch and flowers and have places to display trophies and buckles. The meticulous detail seen in their stall fronts is a natural extension of the overall Bradshaw brand. Jarrell says, “When I go down the road, I’m representing Terry Bradshaw, an icon in football and in our industry. We stay true to the brand he has built.”

They stand 12 studs and a large part of their marketing and outreach is done at the major shows. Jarrell says the goal is to create a space that beckons people to stop and visit a while. “You can’t have a closed front,” he insists. “It has to be open and inviting. You want customer traffic. Otherwise, you’re not going to get that person who may be new to this industry to walk in and see what you have to offer.” He says it is equally important to be out front and greet the folks stopping by.  He adds, “If I’m not out front meeting people, my wife Kate is there.”

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138 – September/October, 2022

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