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Trendy Tuesday- What’s Trending in the Equine Industry? The boots heard ‘round the world

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By Bailey Capri Smith

Last night, I was innocently looking through my News Feed on Facebook and saw a pair of boots pop up a few times in my quick scan of people’s posts, shares, likes, thoughts, etc. I finally stopped and read the caption, “Have you entered to win these boots yet??! Just keep “liking” and “sharing!” Winner will be chosen at the end of the month!” I immediately pressed the “like” button and scrambled to the page the boots were posted from, Lagrange Leather, and started my investigation.


On July 9th, Lagrange asked their fans if they were ready for a giveaway contest. Just that comment alone gained them 243 likes and 27 comments. The next day, the giveaway had started with a picture of the Black Patent Falcon boots with a rainbow array of colored stitching, valued at $300. The boots were shared 5,545 times, 2,090 people “liked” the image, and there were 319 comments. “I checked my figures this morning and we’ve already reached over 400,000 people on just those boots,” says Lagrange owner, operator, and designer, Babs Bryant. She says people as far as Australia, Germany, and Japan are talking about these boots. Talk about trending!


“I really think the reason why is that my things aren’t western, they’re more fashion forward, that’s what I’m known for. All the major fashion houses, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, everybody is going with patent leather,” Bryant explains. As for the idea of a giveaway, Bryant says she wanted to see what people would say and the interest they might be able to create around, not only the boots, but the company as well. She explains social media puts you in direct contact with your client, these are the people you are creating and designing for and you want to give them what they want. So far, their little plan has worked, and just since this giveaway started, the company has gained 3,500 “Likes” and “Friends.”


Lagrange Leather was actually started in the early 80’s and was named after the ’73 ZZ Top rock hit, La Grange. By 1993, the company turned into what it is today, a traveling boutique with a focus in fine leather. A year later, the entrepreneur decided to design and premier her very own boot line, “I love footwear, footwear is my thing. I mean, I can cry over a shoe, I really can,” Bryant laughs.


The giveaway winner will be chosen on July 31st, so make sure to visit their Facebook page to “like” and “share” these boots for a chance to win. A little advice for those of you really gunning for these beautiful boots- “share” those puppies like your life depends on it. To see other styles Lagrange has, go to their website at to shop and check their show schedule to see where they’ll be next!


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