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The Showmanship Pivot

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210 – January/February, 2024

By Laura Boynton Jobson

It’s one of the most anticipated Showmanship maneuvers to watch and the most stressful to per-form–the challenging pivot. The multi-tasking that is involved for exhibitors to execute this technical maneuver correctly can be overwhelming, and it’s equally as demanding for the horses that show in this class.

Three Showmanship trainers share tips about how to fix pivot problems and give us advice about how to keep the right foot grounded–in practice and in the show ring.

It Starts with a Stop
AQHA judge, clinician and multiple World Champion trainer Clint Ainsworth of Clint Ainsworth Show Horses says in order to prepare for a great turn, the stop is where to start.
When training for a correct stop, Ainsworth wants his horse to have concrete feet, ones that are still until he asks for movement. He continues by saying, “Stopping and always squaring-up horses produces busy feet and proves horses and handlers aren’t working in sync.
“When a poor stop is done, it’s an automatic re-do and we work on moving and stopping our legs. Once we have a balanced and obedient stop, we move on to turns.”

Don’t Forget to Ask

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210 – January/February, 2024

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