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Sizzling Strategies For Beating The Heat

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140 – July/August, 2024

By Megan Arszman

As summer’s scorching rays intensify, horses and their riders face the challenges of staying cool in sweltering heat. From the simmering heat waves on the arena to dusty trails under the blazing sun, the summer season brings unique considerations for equestrians. Ensuring the well-being and performance of the horse and their human partner requires strategic measures to combat the heat’s effects. From hydration strategies to cooling techniques, navigating the summer months demands a blend of preparation, awareness, and proactive care to keep horses and riders safe and comfortable amidst the heat wave.

Early Rides – Hot Days

During the especially hot days, you’ll find trainers and riders doing most of their work in the dusky morning light. Hot temperatures call for early wake-up calls so horses can be ridden and worked before the sun gets too high and the temps really rise. Afterward, you’ll find horses trying to keep cool indoors under fans that not only circulate air to keep it cool, but also keeps the bugs at bay.

“We’re usually done riding about 11 or 12,” says AQHA and APHA Professional Horsewoman Kristin Brock. She’s very familiar with dealing with the heat since she’s based in Cave Creek, Arizona. “We have misters and fans (in our barn), and we’ll go out and check them throughout the day.”

Still, those early rides need the same attention as any other workout. Renae Swiatkowski, DVM, CVSMT reminds riders they need to take their time and have a proper warm-up leading up to the training session. They also need to have a proper cooldown.

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140 – July/August, 2024

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