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Scooters, Segways, and Hoverboards: Modern Marvels or Menace?

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298 – November/December, 2022

By Brittany Bevis

Take a stroll around the showgrounds at any horse show, and you might be surprised to learn that most people aren’t relying on horses for transportation, but instead they are using a higher tech means of getting around town. Kick scooters, Segways, and hoverboards are all the rage at horse shows these days, and while the type of technology used might vary, these electronic transportation devices have one thing in common–convenience.

With the modern day show venue being more expansive than those of years past, show-goers have had to find a more effective means of covering the miles from barn to show arena to RV and back again. Of course, golf carts have always been a popular option, but the electric scooter skyrocketed to popularity when it was introduced to the US market in 2015.

However, for all the convenience these transportation devices provide, they aren’t without risk. With their rise in popularity also came an increase in the number of emergency room visits. Due to the number of accidents that have happened on showgrounds involving both human and horse, some locations have banned the devices altogether, but for the most part, they’re allowed at most showgrounds around the country.

Different Types of Electronic Transportation

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298 – November/December, 2022

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