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Partnered – What Happens When You Are Married to Your Business Partner?

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226 – September/October, 2022

By Kory Kumar

It is said that marriage is the hardest thing two people will ever do. Despite the unknown challenges that await two people in love, partners willingly pledge a troth to one another time and time again. Much like business partners, it is what those two people do in the face of their relationship challenges that has the biggest impact upon the success of the marriage.

Within the equine industry, there are many partnered couples who train, show, and work together. This partnering can add some layers of complexity and challenge upon a marriage. Partnerships such as this can be hugely rewarding, although they require thoughtful and purposeful relationship strategies. An equine-partnered relationship is bolstered upon a foundation that contains many complex layers.

Wade and Carly Parks have been together for 13 years and married for 11 years. They have two beautiful boys and a thriving training business. They say that the hardest part about working together is leaving the barn at the end of the work day. Wade says, “We try to be normal. We stop work at 5 PM each day and come together as a family. Separating from work can be hard though, because we are both super dedicated to the job.”

Adam and Paisley Mathis were best friends for more than ten years and worked together as assistant trainers. Adam says that he was almost immediately interested in Paisley, but she didn’t want to date him. They worked together and talked daily for many years before a relationship blossomed. In July 2020, the couple said, “I do,” after officially dating for three years. Adam says, “The hardest part is also the best part of being married to my business partner; it is the fact that we are together all the time. We don’t get to ask how each other’s day was because we already know.” Adam went on to say that communication can be really hard. “When you see the person 24/7 each day, it can be hard to find things to talk about, so you really have to work hard at that, and make a purposeful effort.”

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226 – September/October, 2022

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