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On The Cover – Michelle Bauer

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10 – September/October, 2022

By Delores Kuhlwein

Having a great support network is often pivotal for one’s success. For Michelle Bauer, the support teams of the Gooding family and Highpoint Performance Horses and her unrelenting love for riding have formed a winning combination to stand the test of time.

Michelle says that since she started taking lessons at 8 years old just for fun, the love she has for horses hasn’t faded over time. “I started with open shows and then met Garth and Sonnesa when I was 11 or 12 years old,” she explains. She didn’t plan on showing as long as she has, but she says her passion never waned, and her relationship with the Goodings has been another factor in her longevity in the industry.

“They’ve taught me so much and continue to, while at the same time making it fun,” she reveals. “We’re definitely family, rather than just partners in a business or a traditional client/trainer relationship. That desire to keep learning has just continued with Highpoint and Beth Case. I was fortunate that they were so welcoming and really made me a part of the team. I really got lucky again, because besides being an amazing teacher, Beth has become a close friend I can count on. I’m the type of person who is never really content with where I’m at, I’m always looking to improve in some area and she has really pushed me to become a better rider.”

The horse Michelle recently has been showing most, Give Me A Good Alibi, was purchased in 2021 as a two-year-old. “I hadn’t planned on attending the Congress last year, but Beth asked me if I would be interested in him, so I drove down to Ohio early in the show and loved him,” Michelle says. They bought him, and Michelle promptly won Reserve in both the 2-Year-Old Non-Pro and Limited Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle. “Harold” has also been excelling with Michelle this year in 3-year-old Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle events, and with Beth Case in Open and Junior Hunter Under Saddle.

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10 – September/October, 2022

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