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On The Cover – FG Born Legacy – JL Robinson & Dewey Smith Quarter Horses

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10 – September/October, 2023

By Delores Kuhlwein

Form to Function – the phrase is heard far and wide, an ideal that’s desired by all, yet perfected by only those with a keen eye for the overall picture.

That’s why FG Born Legacy is one of the stallions selected as a highlight of the program of JL Robinson and Dewey Smith Quarter Horses.

The 2016 AQHA/APHA/Buckskin Stallion by FG Tru Fella and out of I Execute Class is a World Champion and a World Champion producer but he’s also the picture of correctness and desirable structure. “He exemplifies form to function,” says his trainer and stallion manager Dewey Smith. “He is square-made on all corners and he’s balanced, but even more importantly, he was bred to be that way, especially on the bottom side. Mare power is everything.”

“Legacy” was the horse Jerry Robinson and Dewey sought after the celebrated stallion PF Premo died. Dewey explains, “It took time to decide what horse was structured the way we wanted.” Owner Jerry Robinson says that when they finally saw the balanced stallion at Terry Bradshaw Quarter Horses, they bought him right away. It also didn’t hurt that he has the same presence and charisma of PF Premo, naturally drawing people to him. “I’m a keen guy on a pretty head, and he has one of the best heads in the country, but all the rest falls into place,” says Jerry.

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10 – September/October, 2023

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