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NSBA Foundation’s Heroes On Horses at 2023 Sun Circuit

By Delores Kuhlwein

The Miller Family entering the Parade of Heroes

The NSBA Foundation Heroes on Horses celebration took place March 8, 2023, at the Scottsdale Arizona Sun Circuit at WestWorld in The Equine Chronicle Arena.

For the second year in a row, Veterans and Disabled Veterans were honored in the Parade of Heroes, with an exhibitors’ lunch, and with a Heroes on Horses Western Pleasure class.  The riders themselves were Veterans or Disabled Veterans.

The entire event is an ongoing, special project through the NSBA Foundation, sponsored by the Bob and Ingrid Miller Family of Mesa, Arizona 2023, to bring Heroes on Horses to a venue in the Western U.S.

The donation from the family was given as a three year commitment to help the NSBA Foundation host Heroes on Horses as part of the 2022- 2024 Sun Circuit Quarter Horse show in Scottsdale, AZ.

A riderless horse, with boots reversed in the stirrups, was led around the arena to serve as a reminder of fallen soldiers.

When Bob and Ingrid Miller were asked why they support this cause each year, Ingrid explains that Bob served in the National Guard, and they feel very fortunate to be able to provide this for people who make this sport possible for us.

“We’re so lucky there are so many fine individuals who have given so much.  I think our country lacks humility, ceremony, and support for our veterans. I think every time you see someone who has served, you should stop and thank them,” says Ingrid.

“They are the reason we are free,” adds Bob. “The people in Washington D.C.  think their service meant nothing and we don’t owe them anything, but we owe them everything.”

Their family also supports the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, which offers mortgage-free homes to Gold Star families, they explain. “They build homes for veterans who are terribly disabled,” Ingrid says.

As we spoke, they point out Dick Minick, a Veteran who is sitting nearby in a wheelchair, a man they explain has served two tours in Vietnam, among many other tours, along with 11 airborne combat jumps. “Can you imagine jumping out of something knowing you might die?” asks Ingrid.  “That’s the real reason Bob and I support this cause.  This year we had more people attending and more people with their hands over their hearts at this event; the Veterans need to be appreciated.”

Watch our interview with Dick Minick during the Heroes On Horses Western Pleasure:

Veteran Dick Minick Visits with the EC During Heroes On Horses

Below are today’s Western Pleasure results – congrats to all:

Results from today’s competition:
1) Jacqueline Egan
2) Nathan Thrall
3) Shurray Barnes
4) John Halpin
5) Kris Vollrath
6) Megan Craven
7) Jackie Boyd
8)Pete Sanders
9) Laurie Jatczak
10) Ron Bowen



Learn more about Heroes On Horses:


Enjoy our gallery below!


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