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Look Under There – Under Where?

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619 – September/October, 2023

By Rachel Kooiker

Vision boards. Color swatches. Custom dye jobs. Every designer and top exhibitor knows that it takes creative vision and planning to create showstopping looks. But what should be underneath it all?

If you have invested in your show look but overlooked shopping for and testing out the right undergarments, you may be setting yourself up for a major fashion faux pas. The Equine Chronicle gathered some practical tips and recommendations from a panel with expertise from a variety of perspectives. Read on for advice from training, judging, and design points of view that will be sure to help you sort out the right support for your show ring ensembles.

Meet The Experts

• Trainer and Judge Tina Langness of Tina Langness Show Horses, New Richmond, Wisconsin

• Trainer and Fashionista Laura Spell of Spell Show Horses in St. Louis, Missouri

• Designers Janet Cook and Tommy Vargo of Show-Off Designs in Fort Worth, Texas

• CEO and Designer Wendy Brown of Show Me Again in Scottsdale, Arizona

To start, why is selecting the right undergarments so important for an equestrian?

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619 – September/October, 2023

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