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In Good Hands

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Dewey, Tammi and Colton Smith take the reins of Logan Western Supply just in time for the 2024 Pinto World Championship Show.

By Delores Kuhlwein

An institution for 30 years, Logan Western Supply has become the epitome of customer service for the horse show crowd. High-quality products proudly made in America, combined with the right help and advice for exhibitors, made them a mainstay at major shows.

When it came time for Patti and Sara to retire, ownership shifted to Scott and Stacey Ewing. Now, they’ve passed the baton into the capable hands of renowned Halter exhibitor and amateur Tammi Smith, who stepped up to offer her expertise and experience to the traveling store, starting a new chapter for Logan Western Supply and for the Smith family.

Backed by husband and trainer Dewey Smith and their son, Colton Smith, Tammi jumped right in to carry on the traditions she appreciated, while adding her own knowledge to forming the inventory.

“Patty and Sara worked so hard to build a company and a quality brand our entire family wears.  We always sent our clients straight to them because we knew they’d receive customer service with a personal touch,” Tammi says. “Dewey and I are rooted in tradition, and we wanted to continue to offer the brand and the best customer service.”

Regular customers can expect the same level of service as well as the established brands of Logan Western Supply, such as Logan Boots, the boutique horse show line of Anderson Bean Boots, and Rios of Mercedes Boots, as well as the return of Anderson Beans kids’ show boots, affordable boots that look like the real thing.

Tammi has also been able to put her own twist into the inventory, offering what she knows exhibitors need most. “With our backgrounds, we have the advantage of knowing what you might have forgotten at home, or what you forgot to order, or what can break.  It’s our goal to have the diverse supply to meet the demands of the horse show business, and to provide customer service to everyone.”

That service will include the distinctive experience of getting the right fit with boots with Tammi’s help, knowledge she developed watching Patty model the process, an aspect that’s extremely important to the Smiths. In addition, they are proud to represent the brand.  “We know it’s a great product we don’t have to talk people into buying,” Tammi adds.

Customers who haven’t shopped with Logan Western Supply over the years can look forward to finding what they need to show, such as runs of Anderson Bean black boots with black soles. They’ll also be able to find Logan Western Supply at major and regional events.  “We’re not going to be breed-specific,” says Tammi. “We want to continue to grow our clientele as the industry is growing.”

Pinto World Show exhibitors, come visit Tammi and her mom and dad at Logan Western Supply starting Saturday, June 8th, at the 2024 Pinto World Championship Show in the Mustang Arena. Tammi says, “We are so excited about our purchase of this company, and we truly appreciate all the phone calls, messages, and support we’ve been receiving from everyone! We’re also grateful to Scott and Stacey for making this a possibility.”  Look them up at the Mustang Arena, now through June 22nd.

Learn more by following Logan Western Supply on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, and email Tammi with questions:

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