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Horse Show Dogs: Our Canine Counterparts Add Another Layer Of Fun And Family To Shows

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378 – May/June, 2023

By Kory Kumar

Go to any horse show and you will see a mena-gerie of dog breeds also in attendance. There is just something about horses and dogs that go together, and chances are you may see some very familiar dog faces below.

In the case of these dogs, it is the love of their owners, as well as a love of the show atmosphere and all that it encompasses which makes going to horse shows so much fun.

Andrea Simons has a rescue Border Collie named Skye who travels locally with her to horse shows. Andrea took Skye in as a rescue/rehome dog, but then this beautiful girl attached herself and the rest is history. “I am her person. She follows me everywhere I go,” Andrea says. Skye is a very loyal dog. “This dog is special to me because she loves me so much and with her whole heart. I have never had a dog like her before,” she shares. Andrea feels safe with Skye around. “I never have to worry about someone sneaking up on me with Skye. She keeps her eye on me at all times,” Andrea explains.

Sara Simons travels to shows with her dogs, Rocky the Red Heeler and Georgia, who they call the genetic miracle. Sometimes her boyfriend’s two Catahoula dogs also join in, to bring their dog family number to four. Sara says that she takes her dogs with her to shows because they are part of her family. “It would be like leaving my kids at home,” she explains. Sara says that she was previously a cat person, but these two sweethearts have her heart. “They are totally obsessed with me. Georgia loves me so much and Rocky never wants to leave my side,” she shares. The special pups go everywhere with her.

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378 – May/June, 2023

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