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Horse Show Bloopers And Blunders

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226 – January/February, 2024

By Kory Kumar

There is seemingly no end to those surreal horse show experiences that are remembered for years, and referred to with laughter by those who hear about them. Horses that run away with exhibitors in classes, a horse and rider performing a beautiful pattern from the in-gate cone instead of the start cone, or getting all mixed up in a trail pattern are just a few of the bloopers many have experienced. While unintentional, they are great for bringing people together to share a laugh and for creating memories of a great show.

Marilyn Masterson

Many years ago, while showing at the All American Quarter Horse Congress, Marilyn Masterson recalls when she was lined up to enter her western pleasure class with the rest of the exhibitors. Just as she was walking forward to enter the arena, the show steward told her that she couldn’t go in because she didn’t have a collar on her shirt. “It was a beautiful jacket with lots of sparkle and sequins,” Marilyn says. “I had worn it before and didn’t think anything of wearing it for this show.”

Marilyn’s trainer, Greg, sent a barn mate running back to the stalls to find her any other shirt with a collar to wear. He came running with something that Marilyn, “changed into right there,” and then she entered her class with the appropriate amount of collar on her shirt.

“I was so stressed!” she says. “Just sitting there while everyone else was going into the class, waiting for a new shirt.” Marilyn laughs about the experience now, but at the time it wasn’t as funny.

Marylyn Caliendo

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226 – January/February, 2024

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