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Get Organized

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408 – September/October, 2022

By Minae Kroeze

Horse shows are like a home away from home for many competitors. Trailers and RVs are packed to the hilt with all the necessities for both horse and rider and, upon arrival, it all gets shuffled out. But where does all that equipment and those supplies go? Back at home there is ample space for the feed, tack, and grooming supplies, but at a horse show, those items often have to be condensed to one or two tack stalls. The tack stall needs to be arranged in a way that is effective, organized, and efficient in order to ensure things continue to operate smoothly.

Organization is Key

Paige Merrill of Royal Wire Products is an expert in organizing space. Royal Wire Equine has over fifty years of experience at horse shows that has shaped their product line into what it is today. The Royal Wire Equine line was developed by Paige and her father, William Peshina, at horse shows. While waiting in between classes, Merrill and her father would draw prototypes of items, take the drawings back to the shop, create the items, and test them out at the next horse show. This led to the creation of racks and shelving units that were created for optimal use and efficiency. Now Royal Wire has three locations in Ohio, North Carolina, and Nevada that specialize in equine products, as well as air pollution devices. Merrill herself continues to be an avid competitor, so not only does she have firsthand experience in arranging and utilizing tack stalls at horse shows, but she has also helped many other competitors organize their space as well.

Before it even comes to setting up the tack stall at a horse show, an organizational system needs to be found that not only can be set up easily, but that will last while being shuffled across the country, being taken in and out of horse trailers, and sometimes set up multiple times per month.

“When deciding on a tack organizational system, I would say the most important things to look for are design, durability, and quality,” Merrill says, “One-piece construction of a product will always be stronger than multiple parts.”

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408 – September/October, 2022

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