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Fresh Start: Retraining The “Problem Horse”

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182 – July/August, 2024

By Brittany Vermeer

There’s an old saying that there are no problem horses, only problem riders. Nevertheless, having a mount that rears, bites, and kicks isn’t ideal, regardless of how it came to have those behavioral issues.

But it begs the question: Are problem horses born or are they made?

We’re talking about horses with a history. They have some baggage. It might be a behavioral issue, like a spooky horse, an anxious horse, or one that chomps the bit. The issue might be showing-related, like a horse that anticipates an announcer’s calls, chips in over trail poles, or refuses fences.

There are challenges associated with retraining, or in some cases rehabilitating, a horse with a particular problem. It takes a lot of patience, technical skill, and a willingness to listen to what the horse is trying to say.

Our Experts:
We’ve assembled a stellar cast of trainers with a collective 131 years of experience in the industry in order to tackle this topic. They are:

• Brad Jewett – 30 years experience
• Will Knabenshue – 30 years experience
• Bruce Vickery – 31 years experience
• Pierre Briere – 40 years experience

These experts explain how problem horses are created, list some of the most common issues, and describe the steps in the rehabilitation process.

Are Problem Horses Born or Are They Made?

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182 – July/August, 2024

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