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Family Training Legacies: The Families That Train Together Stay Together

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90 – March/April, 2023

By Kory Kumar

A family-owned and -operated training business is a journey bolstered upon pillars of strong commitments and generations of experience. These families work together to support the
development of each member of their individual team.

They demonstrate longevity and fortitude as families of equine professionals with true staying power over generations and the evolution of the industry.

Andrea Simons was not born into an equestrian family; however, training horses was something she says that she, “always wanted to do.”  Andrea and her husband, Lynn, built a thriving training business over many years with a lot of hard work and dedication. “We took whatever came to us, and we were glad to have them,” she says. In the beginning, Lynn primarily showed the Halter horses and little bit of Western Pleasure, and Andrea showed anything that would pay the bills.

As the business grew and time marched on their girls, Sara and her sister, Jana, loved to be in the barn. “They were just always there every time I turned around,” Andrea says.  When the kids were little, Lynn and I both tried to keep them active in sports, dance, music, and school.  We wanted them to have a normal life,” Andrea says. As little girls, they spent summers with their grandparents, going to swimming lessons, and enjoying all that life had to offer.

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90 – March/April, 2023

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