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EC Trendy Tuesday- What’s Trending in the Equine Industry? “It’s like a weekend at the Hamptons”

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By Bailey Capri Smith

When JT Mitchell showed up for the 2 year-old Stallion Halter class with Well Executed at the Pinto World Show, the reaction was. . . perplexed. “Where’d you find that thing?” seemed to be the consensus comment around the arena. He was wearing a madras print (a.k.a. plaid) jacket featuring a white base with navy, pink, and yellow cross stripes, a pink pocket square and tie, a light blue collared shirt, and navy suit pants. “It’s like a weekend at the Hamptons,” says Mitchell’s wife, Katie.

The two had gone shopping together at a local Stein Mart, looking for some last minute things before heading off to the Pinto World in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jokingly, JT pulls this off one of the clearance racks and says, “What about this?”

Not totally sure if he was joking, Katie replied, “Well, it’s a linen jacket, great for summer shows, it’s stylish and NO ONE will have the same one on. I like it!”

JT’s face turned serious and said, “I do too, it’s on sale, you can’t go wrong, even if I do only wear it once!” Katie was able to pull him away from a matching pair of pink pants (“Awww c’mon,” JT had said with a wink and a smile) and convinced him to wear a more traditional navy.

Come June 17th, JT walked out of the show pen a Pinto World Champion every time he showed that day, giving him a total of five titles. His wins include the 2 year-old Overo Stallions with Well Executed, the Yearling Overo Geldings with A World Class Storm, the 2 year-old Overo Geldings with Built Execute Tuff, the Aged Overo Geldings with Mister Redesigned, and Get of Sire with Execute. Katie remembers her husband coming out of his last class saying he would never wear the suit again, he even contemplated burning it! Well, no matter what he decides to do with it, this jacket will go down in equine history as one of the best fashion statements to ever appear in the show pen. Congratulations JT, can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!

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