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EC Blog: Reluctant Horse Mom

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By Amy Grohoski-Morris


“Why do you allow your daughter to ride horses when it’s so expensive and time consuming? I wouldn’t do it.”

I wish I had a dime for every time someone has asked me this question over the past 9 years. I’d probably be able to pay off a month of training (well, maybe?!? It is seriously expensive).

The answer is… I had no option. Let me explain. I didn’t grow up with horses. Had no real experience with them until my mother-in-law bought riding lessons for my son when he was little. The love for horses didn’t stick for my son.

However, his little sister was 4 years old when the trainer said, “Let’s just let her take a ride.” That’s where the obsession began, from that wee little age. I fought her obsession really hard while still trying to let her experience it. Brynn tried dance, cheer, gymnastics, soccer, hockey, and swim. However, I began to realize that it wasn’t where her heart was. I stopped trying to worry about the “what ifs” of the horse world and decided to support my daughter’s dreams. It’s been a journey filled with a ton of joy and some pain along the way.

Fast forward 9 years, I love horses as much as she does. Funny thing is that I’ve only ridden a horse probably 5 times in my life.

However, just being in the presence of horses is therapeutic. The barn is therapeutic. Barn families are therapeutic. Mucking stalls is therapeutic (I know, I’m weird). Watching my daughter ride, learn, and achieve her dreams is therapeutic. I get as much out of it as she does.

Yes, horse shows are grueling, exhausting, hot, and expensive. But, to see your daughter connect so strongly with an animal, to know there’s a complete relationship of love and trust is absolutely priceless. To witness how hard she works at achieving her dreams is priceless. Cold, heat, rain, snow… she wouldn’t miss a ride.

So, yes, I have a horse girl. I truly hope and dream that Brynn will raise a horse girl of her own one day. I hope that Brynn won’t fight it as hard as I did. So, just know, as you see memories come across my Facebook feed of Brynn in every imaginable sport, horses won! But the battle was fierce for me. I’m just glad I lost.

Let your kids be “horse kids.” Let them be the ones who are at the barn, putting in hard work instead of out getting into trouble. Let them learn the value of hard work and the respect for animals. If you can find a way to make it work (which is a struggle sometimes)… I promise you it will serve them well in life! Lots of people have given us a leg up along the way and I plan to do the same for others! We got this, mommas!


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