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Cool Jobs – More Than A Paycheck

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164 – January/February, 2024

By Laura Boynton Jobson

The phrase, “work hard, play hard,” implies we have the potential to have a successful balance between our professional and personal lives. Many exhibitors view any time spent away from their real job as a break, a vacation even–especially if they’re headed to a horse show where the hard work isn’t really considered work. After the mane bands are pulled, the horses are returned home, and the trailer is unpacked, some exhibitors go back to working hard at very interesting careers.

Working With Glitz

Katie Grossnickle’s 9-to-5 job includes owning and operating “Glitz & Spurs,” a brick-and-mortar boutique in the historic downtown of Traverse City, Michigan. Before Glitz & Spurs came to fruition, Grossnickle and her mother, Lori Grossnickle, had a mobile boutique and named it “Putting on the Glitz.” They traveled the horse show circuits selling show and casual clothing and accessories. Due to the high workload and her busy college schedule at the University of South Carolina, Katie made the decision to work in one location once she graduated, which led her to open her permanent store.

“I sell women’s clothing and fashion–everything from shirts, sweaters, jeans, footwear, jewelry and accessories to home décor. We also feature locally-made candles and soaps. For the upcoming year, we are launching a Do-It-Yourself Hat Bar. You pick out everything you want on your hat; ribbons, bands, lacing and accessories in whatever style you like and as little or as much as you want,” shares Grossnickle.

Grossnickle shows two geldings: Always Lopin Sober in Amateur Trail, Horsemanship, Western Riding, Performance Halter and her other gelding, Always Wanna Be Cool, in the Green Non-Pro Horsemanship classes. Grossnickle works with trainer Brent Maxwell of Maxwell Show Horses in Ohio where she keeps both horses in year-around training while attending shows whenever possible.

“I spend a lot of time at my store but I always make time to show my horses. Even when I’m at shows, I’m working on store things,” she says. “I have two part-time employees that have been with me for over a year now so I feel very confident when I leave for shows that the store will stay in good shape and be run well.”
Maybe Grossnickle’s DIY Hat Bar will be an option for exhibitors one day to be able to design a new show-worthy hat that brings personal flare to the ring. With Grossnickle’s knack for style and her eye for trends, could we possibly see a show-inspired line in Glitz and Spur’s future?

Forensic and Riding Science

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164 – January/February, 2024

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