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Chasing Dreams with Can I Get A Witness

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Can I Get A Witness, aka “Bellini,” at the 2024 Pinnacle Circuit. Photo by Shane Rux Photography.

Though she has experienced some bumps in the road, Kerry Williams is boldly tackling a dream that has been 30 years in the making.

At the first show together, the Pinnacle Circuit in Las Vegas, the pair won the L2 Amateur Trail Circuit.

By Delores Kuhlwein

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

Like many amateurs, Kerry Williams had shown on and off since she was a child, but she gave it up for about nine years while she was building her business.  The determination she’d always applied to showing naturally lent itself to making her business succeed.

But in the back of her mind, the desire remained to work hard to achieve her dreams of showing at a high level, so when she bought the renowned bay roan mare, Whats On Ur Mind, aka “Pearl,” she thought her wishes had come to fruition. You see, Kerry had a dream board that included the VS horses, so she thought everything was meant to be.

Life had other plans for Kerry, however – Pearl passed away unexpectedly, and while Kerry was learning to show her next horse, IsThatCoolWithYou, her husband suddenly passed away.

Her grit and fortitude carried her through her grief, and it became clear to her that it was finally time to set the goals that would fulfill her dream that was 30 years in the making. Her wish list was given to her trainer, Beth Clemons, and it included a bay roan mare that was already successful in Western Riding and Trail.

Kerry Williams – photo by Ashlynn Sterusky

Beth’s answer came in the form of the champion Can I Get A Witness, aka “Bellini,” by VS Code Red and out of One Hot Drama Mama, a mare they first tried at the 2023 AQHA World Show.

“It’s hard to find top end horses that people are willing to part with that do those events, so when Kerry told me that she wanted something exceptional at Trail and Western Riding and bonus points if it’s a bay roan, this is the first horse that came to mind,” explains Beth.  “I have watched this mare since she was a three-year-old; to me she always had a pleasant attitude, she was very willing, and obviously, she’s a beautiful lead changer.”

So Kerry did her research, trying many phenomenal horses over the next five months, but she explains, “Bellini was the was the only one I tried that I ever considered, even though I tried some really great ones. We had a real connection.”

Beth adds, “I always had a feeling it would be a great fit, but she was the first horse Kerry tried, so after trying many other horses, she kept coming back to Bellini.  I know Deb (Craig) didn’t really want to sell her, but when Kerry rode her again in Florida (in April), she knew she was the one.”

The beautiful Bellini – photo by Shane Rux Photography

Kerry says Bellini is the horse of her dreams, not only because she’s the horse that gets better with every step, but also because she’s the very special horse she had sought. “I wanted a horse I could love all over, and one I could ride a lot to practice.  She tries really hard, and she’s patient and forgiving.  She’ll help you, she wants to do a good job for you, and she’s really sweet, so I’m excited to be a great team with her.”

As a natural goal setter, Kerry reveals, “I want to do big things, like NSBA World, and I really want to try to qualify for the AQHA World Show – my biggest focus.”  Even though she only had Bellini a week before the Pinnacle Circuit in Las Vegas, the pair won the L2 Amateur Trail Circuit, and earned points in both Trail and Western Riding, so they’re well on their way to achieving those objectives.

For Kerry, she’s grateful for Beth’s continued guidance that led her to the horse she’s always wanted. “I’m also grateful Deb, and Nick and Carmen Mayabb gave me the opportunity to own my dream horse,” concludes Kerry, who is ready to meet this year’s challenges head-on.  “I’m excited to work hard for my goals and compete at this level. I’m ready and more than excited for this next chapter!”


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