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Changing The Face Of Hunt Seat Fashion: Boo Yah Custom Clothing

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266 – May/June, 2023

By Brittany Vermeer

Most great businesses are born by savvy entrepreneurs who seek to fulfill a need that isn’t currently being met. That’s exactly how Boo Yah Custom Clothing came to be.

“Megan and I were friends who showed in Hunt Seat together, and we always had a hard time finding coats and shirts,” says Spike Brewer, co-owner of Boo Yah. “Megan had a connection–because of living in Washington, DC–with a tailor who did custom suits for businessmen. She talked to me about it, and we thought this could probably become a business.”

“I’m tall and got really frustrated because I couldn’t find coats that would fit,” adds Megan Brown, co-owner of Boo Yah. “Some of my friends had a tailor who would come to town and measure them for custom suits. I thought if he could make a men’s suit coat, then he could make a hunt coat.”

That was the start of Boo Yah Custom Clothing, an equestrian clothier that has helped change the face of Hunt Seat fashion over the past 12 years. “Everything was so different because it was all stock back then,” Megan says. “It’s changed a lot, and I like to think Boo Yah played a large role in that change.”

The Brains Behind the Business

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266 – May/June, 2023


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