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Diagnosis Reasons for Subtle Lameness

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Sometimes a horse is a little lame or slightly off after being ridden. The rider wonders whether it’s a structural lameness or something due to saddle fit, rider balance, or other factors. This can often be difficult to figure out.

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Tips on Feeding the Finicky Eater

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Some horses can be a feeding challenge—especially finicky individuals that are finicky hard to keep weight on. Dr. Bridgett McIntosh, Extension Equine Specialist, University of Tennessee, reminds owners that no two horses are the same.

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EC Trendy Tuesday- What’s Trending in the Equine Industry? “It’s like a weekend at the Hamptons”

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hen JT Mitchell showed up for the 2 year-old Stallion Halter class with Well Executed at the Pinto World Show, the reaction was. . . perplexed. “Where’d you find that thing?” seemed to be the consensus comment around the arena. He was wearing a madras print (a.k.a. plaid) jacket featuring a white base with navy, pink, and yellow cross stripes, a pink pocket square and tie, a light blue collared shirt, and navy suit pants. “It’s like a weekend at the Hamptons,” says Mitchell’s wife, Katie.

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Maria Squires Salazar

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World class runner and trainer Alberto Salazar casts a long shadow. Winner of the Boston and New York Marathons, he is an elite athlete who now coaches internationally acclaimed runners through Nike’s Oregon Project including Olympians Mo Farah and Galen Rupp who won gold and silver at the London Olympics. It could be a challenge to follow in the footsteps of a man with so many accomplishments on the world stage, but his daughter,

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On The Cover – Sarah Ann Pendergraft & Zip Past the Jag

If you have young daughters, you should be careful when you bring ponies to your house for a birthday party! A short ride on Shetland ponies lead the Pendergraft family to years of showing American Quarter Horses. While her grandparents and aunt had horses many years ago, no one in the Pendergraft family had ever […]

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Trendy Tuesday – The Swimwear Edition

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On The Fence With Carol

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Talking About Sara Simons

Multiple World Champion Sara Simons exudes energy and enthusiasm when she talks about her horses, clients and the business she shares with sister, Jana, and her mother, well-known trainer, clinician and judge Andrea Simons. These dedicated horsewomen are producing world class Paint and American Quarter Horses at their successful breeding, training and sales program in Pilot Point, Texas, carrying on the family legacy started by Andrea and her husband, the late Lynn Simons, one of the most respected and well-loved trainers of his era.

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A Taxing Question – Written Contracts in the Informal Horse World by Avery S. Chapman

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A Taxing Question – Written Contracts in the Informal Horse World by Avery S. Chapman

Avery S. Chapman of the Equine Law Group, , focuses his practice in complex matters concerning the equine industry, including purchase and sale of horses, equine businesses, commercial contracts, asset protection, construction issues, employment issues, real estate matters and compliance issues. He provides general counsel to his clients in a variety of equine business contexts. He represents creditors frequently in state and federal courts. He also has provided general counsel to the United States Polo Association and has experience with business succession, e-commerce, and professional business group formations and dissolutions.

Beyond the law practice, Avery coaches interscholastic equine athletes, is Chairman of the Equine Law subCommittee of the Florida Bar Animal Law Committee, and is a nationally-recognized speaker on Equine Law issues and serves on several committees of an national equine sport organization. He has recently written two chapters of the Florida Bar’s Business Litigation Manual and publishes articles frequently.

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