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Founded in Waterloo, Iowa in 1999, many of us can’t remember what it was like before the Reichert Celebration existed. Every year, the late summertime represents a tradition that brings an opportunity for horse enthusiasts to join in a rich celebration incomparable to the rest. Highlighting the newcomer, the legendary horseman, and a new generation of horses under one roof, multiple associations, trainers, breeders and exhibitors come together to showcase their horses at a world-renowned event that continues to transform the way our industry shows off it’s best stock.

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Breeders Halter Futurity

There are a million reasons to get involved with showing Halter horses, but in 2012, the Breeders Halter Futurity gave people exactly $1,040,000 worth of reasons to pack up their gear and horses and head to the Midwest. The 2013 Breeders Halter Futurity and National Halter Championship will be held again at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines from September 11-15.

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Stallion syndications have been a popular vehicle for people engaged in breeding activities for over 40 years. Stallion syndications are a form of co-ownership in which each investor acquires a fractional interest in the promoter’s stallion, with breeding rights. The arrangement provides for lower costs to the participants, spreading risks of loss, and sharing of maintenance costs. Each participant is entitled to annual breedings to the stallion. Syndicates were initially popularized in the Thoroughbred racing industry.

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On The Fence With Carol

  August/September, 2013 (click for the complete digital article) By Carol Harris Another month has passed while I keep on trying to balance myself on this “Shaky Ole Fence.” I have enjoyed hearing from so many of you but I would like to remind each of you that you may accomplish more if you direct […]

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Battle Of The Clones

On July 30, a jury of five women and seven men ruled against AQHA in federal court concerning Rule 227(a) (now REG106.1) of the AQHA Handbook, which states: “Horses produced by any cloning process are not eligible for registration. Cloning is defined as any method by which the genetic material of an unfertilized egg or any embryo is removed and replaced by genetic material taken from another organism, added to/with genetic material from another organism or otherwise modified by any means in order to produce a live foal.”

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From The Publisher

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Without You… There is, as always, a lot of discussion in our industry about the issues that affect our sport. The current hot topics range from the cloning lawsuit to horse slaughter to judging and showing, etc. Sometimes there is so much talk that it all becomes white noise; the important issues of the day are all but ignored by those affected most. Those affected most are occasionally a silent majority. They are sometimes silent by choice and other times their opinions are ignored. Either way, as the old adage goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Sometimes that is one wheel out of hundreds of thousands, but it gets the grease nonetheless.

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Cover Story H & P Ranch

10 – August/September, 2013 H & P Ranch – Dr. Mariann Harrington & Joe Prause   Dr. Mariann Harrington and Joe Prause are the owners of H & P Ranch located 20 miles north of Little Rock, Arkansas in the town of Cabot. This equine paradise sits on 90 acres that were purchased in 2000. […]

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Trendy Tuesday- What’s Trending in the Equine Industry? The boots heard ‘round the world

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On July 9th, Lagrange asked their fans if they were ready for a giveaway contest. Just that comment alone gained them 243 likes and 27 comments.

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Diagnosis Reasons for Subtle Lameness

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Sometimes a horse is a little lame or slightly off after being ridden. The rider wonders whether it’s a structural lameness or something due to saddle fit, rider balance, or other factors. This can often be difficult to figure out.

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Tips on Feeding the Finicky Eater

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Some horses can be a feeding challenge—especially finicky individuals that are finicky hard to keep weight on. Dr. Bridgett McIntosh, Extension Equine Specialist, University of Tennessee, reminds owners that no two horses are the same.

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