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Breeding and Foaling with Mike Hay

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140 – March/April, 2023

By Rachel Kooiker

“Breeding, it is true, is largely a matter of chance, but it is not mere luck; it depends too upon stud management, experience, a sound knowledge of bloodlines and conformation, and that undefinable flair which, in every calling, distinguishes the master from the tradesman.”  – John Hislop

Looking at Mike Hay’s extensive accomplishments in the equine industry, it’s evident that he’s not only a jack of all trades, but he’s the master of them as well. For more than 20 years, Hay operated a dynamic breeding program in the foothills of Pinnacle, North Carolina. During this time, Hay built a program of excellence managing stallions like Doc o Mos, Shy Prescription, Telusive, Luke At Me, Hot N Blazing, One Hot Krymsun, Mazeratti, Extremely Hot Chips, The Rock, The Krymsun Kruzer, Secretz, Whizkey On The Rocks, and more. At times, Hay was responsible for breeding up to 300 mares a year. If you crunch those numbers, that adds up to about 5,000 mares over those twenty years.

Fast-forward to 2023. The pace is a little different, but the program of excellence in breeding is the same. In 2020, Mike and his wife, Jan, relocated to Reddick, Florida, where they have significantly scaled back on reproduction management, focusing now on stallion management, as opposed to breeding and foaling onsite. In 2023, Hay is excited to be standing the following roster of outstanding stallions:  Outlaw Enterprise, Madefourit, Ima Platinum Dream, and Unbridle Your Dreams. Read on for a look at how Mike Hay balances his role as a sought-after judge and top stallion manager.

One Size Does Not Fit All

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140 – March/April, 2023

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