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Amateur Profile – Kim Fullwood

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100 – July/August, 2021

By Barbara Aitkens

Straight, to the point, a woman with a zest for life, horses, and Disney World. That’s Kim Fullwood in a nutshell.

The Maryland native started riding horses at a young age when her father would rent a pony for her on Saturday afternoons. Like most girls, with the love of horses running through her veins, it was not a phase. Renting Hunter ponies transitioned to showing ponies, and ponies became Quarter Horses, which turned into competing at local, regional, and national horse shows. By the time she was sixteen, Kim was able to hook up her truck and trailer and head down the road.

“One horse led to others,” she says. “We bred some of my mares over time, too. At one time, I think I had seven horses, which is way more than I ever needed. I didn’t want to get rid of them, because I fell in love with them. I wasn’t supposed to do that. I was supposed to like them and sell them, but that didn’t work very well.”

Kim laughs, remembering how her mother really thought horses would be a phase. “My mother used to go to church and light candles praying that my father and I would see the light. My dad and I always had hot cars and fun horses, and she would go to church on Sundays and light a candle for either the cars or the horses. It never worked. I really love horses to this day,” she says.

Kim became well-known in the all-around pen riding, as she describes, a “couple of good horses.” Her favorite was a horse named Sam Francisco that she purchased from her dear friend, Tracey Gleason.

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100 – July/August, 2021

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