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A Warrior Princess With Childlike Faith

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68 – March/April, 2023

By Brittany Vermeer

Nine-year-old Sloane Weakly is an equestrian, a model, a runner, a cheerleader, a wakeboarder, a softball player, a basketball player, and an aspiring actress. She also has only one leg.

Many of us try so desperately to hide the parts of ourselves that are different. We want to fit in, seem just like everyone else, and be “normal.”

Do you know what words are synonyms for normal? Commonplace, ordinary, average… Why would anyone ever want to be average when you can be extraordinary? Or as Dr. Seuss liked to say, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?!”

Miss Sloane is the perfect example of someone who has wholly embraced the different part of herself and turned it into her strength.

Something Missing

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68 – March/April, 2023

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