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A Second Unicorn Is Possible – The Kaser Sisters Conquer Their Heartbreak

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Photo credit: Shane Rux Photography

You might remember our story about eight-year-old McKenna Kaser and her sister, Meghan Kaser, who lost their 25-year-old horse, BMQ Genuine Solution (aka Cosmo), at the 2022 All American Youth Horse Show earlier this year.

The horse show community rallied around the two girls who’d had a gut wrenching loss, and friends sprang into action, including Amy and Kylee Williams, who offered a horse for both sisters to show in the Showmanship.

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Happily, the Kaser family recently found the girls a new unicorn, Al I Want Is You, aka “Wilt,” a month before Congress, and this photo was Meghan’s reaction when she was called back to the finals!

“We’ve had a whirlwind of a year,” says Mom Audra Kaser.  “We found another unicorn (a 17.3 hand gentle giant) in September for our daughters. We had owned him for one month to the day when our oldest, Meghan showed him at the Congress. This was her reaction when she was called back to the finals!”

Audra says this is truly what horse showing is all about. She explains, “In that month’s time, Meghan rode every day in her English saddle to strengthen her legs and body in that tiny saddle. She said if she can accomplish this in a month, she is excited to see what she can accomplish in a year.”

Catch up on the family’s previous story here, and congratulations to the Kasers! Cosmo will always be in the family’s hearts, and Wilt is creating a beautiful new space there, too.

The Horse Community Rallies in Response to an 8-Year-Old’s Devastating Loss

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