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Winning Runs- MQHA Blind Horsemanship

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Photo courtesy of Norfleet Marketing and Photography.

By: Brittany Bevis

Earlier this month, we introduced our readers to the Blind Horsemanship Challenge, a special class that was held at the recent MQHA Mapleleaf horse show. The unique event tasked 15 riders with the challenge of completing a Blind Horsemanship pattern. Did they have to wear a blindfold? No… but it was almost just as challenging.

The event was open to all ages of non-pro riders. All competitors were required to face the wall and were not allowed to watch anyone ride the pattern before they did so, nor look at the pattern before the class began. One by one, each rider was given a maximum of 60 seconds to look at the pattern. Once the clock stopped, each exhibitor completed their pattern and then prepared for rail work.

We received such an incredible response from the previous article on social media that we decided to track down the winning runs from the class! Scroll below to watch the winner of the 2021 MAQHA Blind Horsemanship Challenge- Kelly Coonce and Presleys Got Rhythm, as well as the Reserve Champion- Elise Meisner and Wood Ya Sleep With Me.

Also, check out the pattern that they only had 60 seconds to memorize.

Pattern courtesy of Courtney Hall/Wavelength Design


Kelly Coone and Presleys Got Rhythm






Elise Meisner and Wood Ya Sleep With Me

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