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Who Was the Winner? Quiz #2- Congress 2000

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By: Brittany Bevis

After the immense popularity of our first Who Was the Winner? Quiz, where we featured results from the 2018 AQHA Open/Amateur World Show, we decided to dive a little deeper into the archives. For this quiz, results have been taken from the 2000 All American Quarter Horse Congress.

The answer key is at the bottom of the page, but try to guess them all without peeking! There are a few big names you will recognize from days gone by.


#1. Who was the winner of Junior Western Riding?

A. Harley D Zip/Jason Martin
B. Made To Be Good/Carol Metcalf
C. Serious Distraction/Leonard Berryhill

#2- Who was the Reserve Champion in Senior Trail?

A. A Different Glow/John Briggs
B. Eye L Be Good/Danielle Bowen
C. Ima Zipper Snipper/Charlie Cole

#3- Who was the winner in Junior Hunter Hack?

A. One Good Moxie/Mason Lyon
B. Artful Investment/Tracey Baer
C. Lets Dance All Night/Ryan Painter

#4- Who was the winner in Open Aged Geldings?

A. Gem Of Array/Ted Turner
B. Ima Cool Shot/Wayne Halvorson
C. Diazo/Buddy Laney

#5- Who was the winner in Senior Hunter Under Saddle?

A. Areyoulonesometonite/Brian Isbell
B. Just Burning Money/Deanna Searles
C. Acadamosby Award/Karen Skelly

#6- Who was the winner of Amateur Versatility?

A. Smart Asset/Abi Owings
B. Scotch Margarita/Stephanie Scheid
C. Artful Investment/Nancy Ann Alto

#7- Who was the Reserve Champion in Amateur Western Pleasure?

A. Huntin For Chocolate/Susan Scott
B. Form The Line Behind/Shelley Donovan
C. Chips Original Cooki/Michelle Corrigan

#8- Who was the winner of 2-Year-Old Western Pleasure?

A. A Sudden Attraction/Chris Jones
B. Ziprageous/Jamie Pait
C. Illusive Invitation/Randy Wilson

#9- Who was the winner of the Junior Western Pleasure?

A. Zip A Leaguer/Alex Ross
B. Radical Revolution/Gil Galyean
C. Zippos Cowgirl/Carl Yamber

#10- Who was the Open Grand Champion Stallion?

A. Dominating Mister/Jeffrey Pait
B. Mr Elusive/Ted Turner
C. Entitlement/Luke Castle

Answer Key:

#1- A

#2- B

#3- B

#4- C

#5- C

#6- B

#7- B

#8- A

#9- C

#10- B

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