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What Are the Most Important Issues Facing the Horse Industry Today?

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American Horse Publications

As a horse owner or manager, you can provide input on the management of the horses in your care and the issues in the U.S. horse industry that concern you the most. Have your opinion count in this equine industry survey that is only conducted every three years.

So far, we have collected nearly 7,000 responses – please help us reach our goal of 10,000 by completing the survey sharing the survey link ( with family and friends who are horse owners 18 and over and reside in the United States.

Respondents who complete the survey and provide an email address at the end of the survey will be notified when an overview summary of the survey results has been published on the AHP website. Currently, the average completion time is 11 minutes, and the survey closes on March 30, 2021

DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this survey is to gauge participation trends and management practices in the U.S. equine industry. In addition, it seeks to gather information regarding the most important issues facing the industry. Please note that when we use the word “horse,” we are referring to all equids (horses, ponies, mules, and donkeys).

This survey is being conducted for American Horse Publications (AHP). AHP is a nonprofit association that promotes excellence in equine media; members include equine-related publishing media, professionals, students, organizations, and businesses. Dr. C. Jill Stowe is providing consulting services for data collection and analysis to the AHP; Dr. Stowe is currently an associate professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of Kentucky.

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