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Watch the Webinar: Healthy Spring Grazing

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Kentucky Equine Research

Do you want to know more about the effects of spring grass on your horse’s gastrointestinal tract? Watch this webinar!

Titled “Healthy Spring Grazing,” the webinar is led by Katie Young, Ph.D., an equine nutritionist with a wide range of experience in the field of nutrition, including time spent in academia, industry, and private consultation. She will share tips about managing horses through the spring flush of grass and will answer related questions.

Overconsumption of spring grass can cause a disruption in the pH of the hindgut, a condition known as hindgut acidosis. Developed by Kentucky Equine Research, EquiShure is a time-released buffer designed to neutralize acid in the hindgut, thus keeping pH within normal limits.

Rather read than watch? Indulge your curiosity with this article: What Is It About Spring Grass That Makes My Horse’s Body Grumble?


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