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The Mountain Rose- 35-Year-Old Appaloosa Still Going Strong

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From The Mountain Rose’s owner, Stephanie:
She has been an incredible friend and has taught me much. I have loved Appaloosas since I was a child. As an adult, both of my horses have been Appaloosas. My first horse, Pat’s Prince, aka “Key” (4/29/1976-7/18/2003) was the grandson of Prince Plaudit. My goal was to be able to participate in the Chief Jospeh trail rides, but unfortunately circumstances prevented me from attaining that goal.
Rosie is my second horse. I bought her at the age of 18 years after she had been abandoned at a property a friend had purchased in AZ. Fortunately, they left her pictures and registration papers there. He brought Rose to Las Vegas where I was boarding my first horse.
Rose was not what he was looking for in a horse, but she suited me well. From the pictures that were left, it appears Rose may have been entered in some Halter classes around two years of age. I was not interested in the show circuit, but we had many great years of trail riding together. She is very strong willed, which has served her well as she ages.
It’s hard to believe that she’s 35 years old by looking at her move. She certainly isn’t a quitter!
Here are pictures of my girl, from a filly until now at 35. She certainly changed color as she has aged, as you can see.
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