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The Missing Piece

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By: Katie Nolte

My friend, Heather Westby, has a mare that foaled on Sunday, May 2nd. She had a beautiful buckskin filly with the tiniest star. She was named Kismet and will be AQHA registered (by Firewater N Stoli and out of Weavers Lena Lou).

Then, my mare decided to foal May 4th and had a stunning buckskin filly. After promising my boys she could have a Star Wars name if she was born on May 4th, she was named Tallie. Tallie has what looks like 3/4 of a diamond moon as her star. She will be registered APHA. (By Straitdashafirewater and out of Sonnys Black Brandy).

I came to realize that Kismet has the missing piece of Tallie’s star! Thinking that maybe I was losing my mind from lack of sleep, I made a collage of the girls’ headshots and, sure enough, they look like a perfect fit!

So, we now say that Tallie (on the left) and Kismet (on the right) are soul sisters born from the stars!

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