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The Little Buckeye Concludes in Ohio

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All photos courtesy of Corrin Hunt Photography.

By: Brittany Bevis

The Ohio Amateur Quarter Horse Association hosted The Little Buckeye July 8-11 at the well-appointed Championship Center in Springfield, Ohio. Judges for the show were Holly Hover, Larry Little, Mark Russell, and Andrea Simons. The event was AQHA, NSBA OQHA, EOQHA, OMIQHA approved, and Tim Kimura lended his expertise for Trail course design.

The Equine Chronicle sponsored FREE web and print released photos for all exhibitors at the show, thanks to Corrin Hunt Photography. First through sixth place received prizes, and exhibitor bags were presented, courtesy of Buckeye Nutrition and Anesthesia Services Group.

On Friday evening, competitors and spectators enjoyed an Exhibitor Party featuring the Honky Tonk Angels. On Saturday, there was another Exhibitor Party, sponsored by Garwood Arena, featuring Chris Logsdon.

Congratulations to High Point competitors!

The Small Fry Champion was Kinsely Goran. Reserve was Kaylee Olds. The L1 W/T Youth winner was Lauren Hoover. Reserve was Molly Mullady. The Rookie Youth winner was Ben Norton. Reserve was Kailee Rife. The L1 Youth winner was Shelby Dale. Reserve was Natalie Stoygrov.

The Youth 13 and Under winner was Isabella Hamilton. Reserve was Ella Thompson. The Youth 14-18 winner was Isabella D’Onofrio. Reserve was Tianna Cooper. The L1 W/T Amateur winner was Helenn Voss. Reserve was Kaylynn Shelton. The Rookie Amateur winner was Michaela Wymer. Reserve was Jamie Migliori.

The L1 Amateur winner was Kathleen Lennon. Reserve was Allie Atkinson. The Amateur winner was Sarah Lebsock. Reserve was Ellexxah Maxwell. The Select winner was Kim Best. Reserve was Jann Ahlberg. The Open winner was Son of a Machine and Brent Maxwell. Reserve was Spencer Zimmerman with Icecream and Hilary Hoffman and Hez Blazin Brave.

There was also a fun Team Tournament competition at the show. Here are the final results!

Team 1

  • Allie Atkinson and Servo Machine- 65 points
  • Hailey Flatter and Whenitcomestoluck- 64
  • Kim Best and Check This Machine- 77
  • Mary Klaus and Meant To Be Good- 8
  • Total- 214

Team 2

  • Amanda Moore and Movin On Up- 34
  • Heather Duer and A Moonlit Sudden- 61
  • Kimberly Hill and KM Makethebestofit- 50
  • Jason Somnitz and Snoop Dogge- 36
  • Michall Well and The Natural Version- 1
  • Total- 182

Team 3

  • Amanda Rennie and Best On Bet- 50
  • Helenn Voss and Brock Lesnar- 66
  • Laura Ebel and DancininTheMoonlight- 16
  • Mikayla Heintschel and My Good Machine- 51
  • Total- 183

Team 4

  • Andrea Martin and Iveencounteredangels- 10
  • Hilary Hoffman and Hez Blazing Brave- 79
  • Laura Salome and Moonlight Potential- 69
  • Natoshia Kelly and The Kandy Machine-52
  • Total- 210

Team 5

  • Becky Anderson and Southern Machine- 21
  • Jamie Migliori and Touch N Go Show- 19
  • Lauren Brown and Rockmelikeyameanit- 55
  • Stephanie Craddock and Batt In The Night- 4
  • Total-99

Team 6

  • Bonnie Richards and Im In Slow Moe- 0
  • Jenn Feller and Cowboys Love Me- 49
  • Lexie Winemiller and Dontkissthismachine-37
  • Jill Moore and Lil Joe Penny- 25
  • Audra Levitte and Xtreme Zip- 0
  • Total-111

Team 7

  • Colton Shelton and Aint In Trouble-11
  • Holly Ebelberger and A Sudden Billionaire-11
  • Jessica Eagle and Heza Dark Version- 0
  • Jill Moore and Lil Joe Penny- 26
  • Lindsay Robinson and Runningouttamoonlight- 10
  • Total- 58

Team 8

  • Cory Mathia and Batta Bing- 51
  • Karmon Dorsey and Hez A Croud Pleaser- 16
  • Lori Bowers and Sophisticated Maid- 15
  • Rebecca Johnson and Loper Dee Doodah- 0
  • Cindy Kaufman and No Doubting Me- 36
  • Maggie Garwood and Al Do What You Wanna- 26
  • Total- 144

Team 9

  • Katelynn Greenawald and No Dress Code- 2
  • Kelly Rauschenbach and Really Sudden- 70
  • LuAnne Coleman and Only Zipped For Now- 40
  • Sarah Lebscok and Version Of Goodbar- 112
  • Total- 224

Team 10

  • Cris Martin and Potentially Invited- 16
  • Ellexxah Maxwell and Best Cowboy Around- 82
  • Leah Sites- Extremely Hot Rodder- 19
  • Leah Sites and Too Shi To Tango- 11
  • Leah Sites and Im So Gorgeous- 21
  • Kim Riviello and Ima Good Cowgirl- 26
  • Total- 175

Click here to view scribe sheets.

Little Buckeye Results

Click here to view the download page for photos.

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