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Silver Dollar Circuit- The Daily Stride- Nothing But Fun

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Silver Dollar Circuit

The Daily Stride- Nothing But Fun

Every once in a while, someone writes something that makes you stand up and take notice. It’s a time when you applaud their bold way of telling us how it is. A recent article written by Tom Grabe of The Equine Chronicle made our team at Silver Dollar acknowledge the truth in his words. In case you missed this moving piece, we summed up our favorite parts here as we felt they spoke to the essence of what Silver Dollar strives to be, as a horse show run by exhibitors for exhibitors.

Grabe’s article taps into how we grow our industry and nurture the people within it. In essence, how do we all keep having fun?

Grabe noted, “First of all, we need to make sure that every exhibitor, owner, and professional feels welcome. It doesn’t matter if they have been involved in the industry for as long as memory serves, or if they just came on the scene yesterday. We need to encourage them and, most importantly, we need to mentor them.”

“We need to keep in mind that not everyone shows horses to win a gold trophy or a silver buckle. Not everyone shows to win $100,000 or a new trailer. We must remember that state championships are valuable to many people. We need to realize that some within the sport (me included) would like to have a ribbon won at a local show handed to us in the ring and not to have to retrieve it from a box in the makeup ring or show office. We must address the fact that not everyone is concerned about qualifying for the World Show. Some people, many in fact, go to horse shows to have fun, blow off some steam, and see their friends. This is hard when a show has 100+ classes and runs 18 hours a day.”

We are constantly striving to make Silver Dollar the best show for exhibitors and the attendees who come to support them. Our show is fun-focused with days that finish early and plenty of ways to “blow off steam,” as Grabe puts it. We strive to have the new and veteran exhibitors feel welcome and appreciated. But, we can always do better!

Thank you to Tom for reminding us that we can all work harder at making this the best experience for our exhibitors and clients. We are blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of this industry, and we hope, as our show comes to a close, that each and every exhibitor leaves Silver Dollar filled with great memories and stories, and a sense of pride for our industry.

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