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Silver Dollar Circuit Blog- Inspiring Competitors to Be Their Best

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Silver Dollar Circuit

The Daily Stride

Standing out is a must in the show pen. The trick seems to be balancing your individuality while still meeting the expectations of the judges. More trainers are handing customers the reins and encouraging them to let their individuality shine through. Customers are taking these reins and customizing everything from English Hunt shirts down to the finest detail on their show saddles. The hope is that not only will this make them look better, it will make them feel better.

Confidence is key and nothing shines brighter than someone who feels good about the horse they are riding, the tack they are using, and the show clothes they are wearing. Sue Schmitz from Kimes Ranch Jeans couldn’t agree more.'” When you look great, you feel great. You want to be able to go out there and say, ‘Heck yeah. Look at me. I got this.’ Each person has their own individual style and personality, and you feel the most confident when you’re able to express that authentically. Buying things they love and customizing them to their specifications is one way to show off this individuality.

Jeff Habighorst of Blue Ribbon Saddles summed up this trend in his customers by identifying the increase in custom saddles. He notes, “Now, almost everything we do is custom. Everyone wants to be different, and they want their saddles to be unique. They don’t mind waiting eight weeks to ensure that they get something made to their specifications.” When you’re paying for the best, we all agree you should get exactly what you want. Each piece of clothing and equipment says something about the rider that uses it. Walking into the pen looking great is a huge factor in becoming a confident showman. However, exhibitors mention there is one final piece essential to making you your best.

Wendy Garcia, a customer of Trendsetter Performance horses, pointed out that you must “find a barn that you love with people who support you. This can make all the difference. Wendy’s trainer, Kellie Hinely, is known for fostering an environment for her clients that encourages them to be the individuals that they are. Allowing that freedom in her clients builds a barn that encourages and embraces each others similarities and difference. Having the right barn family can help you feel supported in and out of the show pen.

At Silver Dollar, we get to watch all of these pieces come together for our exhibitors. The results is a group of competitors that shine confidently and have fun doing it.

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