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Scenes from Scottsdale – Troy Oakley Mentoring Program Continues to Triumph

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By Delores Kuhlwein

Troy Oakley’s blockbuster mentoring program has taken off since he announced it in the fall of 2023, explaining that he’s going to be Changing Lives, One Rider At a Time.

“I’m not here to take anyone’s clients; I want to enhance your abilities and change lives one at a time,” he explains. “My mentor paved the way for me by teaching his riders. When you have a world of knowledge and you’re willing to share, you have a responsibility and a mission to spread the word to change people’s lives.”

His recent 3-day session at Almosta Ranch in Scottsdale for Owen Performance Horses LLC treated trainers and non pros alike to many of his recipes for success, and to tools like patterns for exercises to practice the skills they learned.

The idea of foundation is why Troy welcomes beginner to advanced riders, from non pros to trainers and their assistants–all are welcome, he says. “I know from running a training business that people come from all walks of life to do this, and they all have different skill levels.”

“I want to work on elements: lead changes, the stop, the turnaround, etc. I’m willing to work on their horsemanship, western riding, hunter under saddle, equitation, and western pleasure skills,” he says.

See more about Troy’s program:

Contact Troy with questions or to schedule your session: 940-230-5142


Al Dunning, Erica Owen, and Troy Oakley

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