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Rutgers Virtual Horse Management Seminars – 2023 Nutrition Edition

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By Delores Kuhlwein

Feed alfalfa or don’t feed alfalfa? Do ulcer supplements work?

Ask a dozen horse owners for feeding advice, and it’s likely you’ll get a dozen different answers! While feeding programs can become personalized based on a horseman’s experience, hearing from the experts is always a good idea.

Enter the Equine Science Center at Rutgers University.  Often the source of shared research and findings about our beloved equines, and also often the source for many of our Equine Chronicle health articles, the Equine Science Center is an approved unit of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

Their mission: The Rutgers Equine Science Center is dedicated to better horse care through research and education to advance the well-being and performance of horses and the equine industry.


Their educational horse management seminar series for early 2023 happens to be their nutrition edition, and they will offer three sessions in February.

You can register for their free online nutrition sessions here:  Outreach & Events | Equine Science Center (

Before registering you can also click the link for each session – this will allow you to review the outline of topics for each webinar to see which one deals with the most nagging nutritional question you have!


Learn more about their program located on the G. H. Cook campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey:  About Us | Equine Science Center (


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