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Ribbons, Ribbons, Ribbons!

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Recently, we asked our Equine Chronicle readers to share what they do with all their special show ribbons!

They shared some wonderful and creative tips on displaying those important keepsakes of achievement.

Scroll below to see images and comments about their ribbon displays:


Marnie Kristine Loukas: Used ribbons that were won by the horse in this mold with the horses hair.










Jennifer Schrum Casanta: I had this pillow made for my daughter with some ribbons won with her now deceased horse. Great keepsake!







Amy Green: I had this ribbon case made, along with two others, to display my sons ribbons. This is one of them with his awards going in around it as he gets them.






Caitlyn Uehling:  I’ve made a t-shirt quilt with my 4-H shirts and ribbons, a couple pillows with the ribbons and center buttons, and tote bag.  The pillow was pretty simple; the ribbons are a pain to sew since they’re satin. I just sew them to cheap fabric then use that with a pattern.  My super important ribbons/trophies are on a shelf my grandpa made just for my ribbons.  Also displayed my medals in photo frames!





















Cate Jefferis: I use a pants hanger and put them on my wall. I have a different hanger for each level 😄 super cheap and super easy.





Jessica Solis: I made a wreath out of ours! I have heard of a blanket/quilt or a pillow as well that would be fun to try! Really special ribbons get hung on the wall.








Kimberly Young: I have had wreaths made and they are beautiful!  Also have had really cool ornaments made.









Kyle Rogers: I make shadow boxes with awards and your horse’s silhouette!









Mcf Michael: I take show award ribbons and make medallions using a featured center button and then mount in a shadow box. It’s a wonderful way to display the memories while keeping them protected. They look fantastic in groups of other shadow boxes, trophy belt buckles and more. I have even mounted them in larger shadow boxes with win photos, horse shoes and trophy buckles.






Natasha Pusch: I make shadow boxes of the prize (ribbon, medal, buckle) and a win picture from the event!








Shania Poney: When I was done showing 4-H my mom took the blue ribbons and made a wreath. The special ribbons get hung on an award shelf.








Sharon Clark – Special ones get hung up while others get recycled.








And April Henry shared this awesome hanging display of her ribbons and rosettes!


Thank you to all our readers for chiming in, and watch our Facebook page for more EC Questions of the Day!

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