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Results and Photos- NSBA Summer Breakout & ARHA World Championship

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All images courtesy of Norfleet Photography.

By: Brittany Bevis

Hosted by the dual management team of Greg Wheat and Doug and Tara Landon, the NSBA Summer Breakout Show was held this year in conjunction with the American Roan Horse World Championships. The two-judge event hosted judges, Chris Jones and Judd Paul, and took place June 21-23 in Cloverdale, IN.

This was the first year for the ARHA to hold a World Championship, and the first ever World Champion to be crowned was Rachel Trebesh with No Doubt I Shine in Halter Geldings! The Reserve Champion was Dodie McKillips with Hez Obviously Zipped. Third was Ashley Montgomery with So I Noticed.

Rachel Trebesh

Over to the Summer Breakout side of the competition, Open Showmanship was won by Lydia Brahler with Sure A Hot Krymsun. Reserve was Lily Anderson with Lover Treat Me Good. Third was Rebecca Anderson with A Sudden Billionaire. Select Showmanship was won by Cynthia Pyle with Rock Legend. Reserve was Laurie Christie with No More Talkin. Third was Holly Ebelberger with Good Directions.

The Jackpot Trail class was won by Lily Anderson with Lover Treat Me Good. Second was Sharon Baumgardt with Just Call Me Lazy. Third was Elizabeth Maggert with Im Really Classie. Green Trail saw Melvin Yoder with with Hesa Heart Rush. Second was Karen Hornick with RL Suddenly Melody. Third was Lydia Brahler with Sleepin I Willbe.

Tommy Sheets rode Justa Machine to win Green Level 1 Western Riding. Second was Elizabeth Yoder with Hesa Heart Rush. Third was Cynthia Pyle with Rock Legend. The Maturity Ltd. Open Western Pleasure was won by Rebecca Britton with Made Just Right. Second was Cody Conover with To Cool To Be Hot. Third was Robert Fowler with A Slow Martini.

Open Horsemanship was won by Lily Anderson with Lover Treat Me Good. Second was Lydia Brahler with Sleepin I Willbe. Third was Rebecca Anderson with A Sudden Billionaire. Novice Youth Horsemanship was won by Josie Eckert with The High Rise. Second was Cassidy Paige Morgan with Just My Lexus. Third was Emma Dejong with Witha Southern Touch.

Cody Parrish rode Made My Way to win Maturity Open Western Pleasure. Second was Bret Parrish with Pistol Packin Mann. Third was Jamie English with Made Just Right.

Click on the link below to view complete results.

Results Summer Breakout 2019

Scroll below for more great photos, courtesy of Norfleet Photography.

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