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Quarter Horse Congress $1,000 Trainer Award Winner- Carmen Mayabb

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Trainer, Carmen Mayabb, has helped Larken McCampbell for two years and has helped her reach goals she never thought she would. “Carmen has been a big part of the village that has shaped me into the rider I am today. She has let me ride different horses at the barn and helped me learn so much from riding techniques to even wrapping legs. She has seen my horse and me at our worst and our best and has never given up on us.”

At the Congress in 2019, Equitation night proved to be a tough night for the team, but they all still had to show. They had what felt like a billion obstacles to overcome, but they did overcome them. It was the first time Larken and her horse would be showing Equitation at the Congress, and they ended up receiving 3rd place. “I cried coming out of the pen, and the first thing I saw was Carmen standing outside the gate, crying in happiness. All I wanted to do was hug her and tell her thank you! I hugged little 5’2 Carmen off of my 17.2 horse. I could hardly reach her! I hopped off my horse and gave her the biggest hug ever and thanked her for all she’s done!”

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