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PtHA Rule Changes For 2021

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PtHA News

For 2021, the PtHA will not be printing new rulebooks. A supplement for 2021 is available on our website-

•  Height Classification and Requirements – Miniatures will now be measured at the withers instead of last hair of the mane. The height classifications have changed to accommodate this change.

•  Utility Horse Exhibition – Performance class gaits for Utility Division will be changed to Walk and Jog for western and Walk and Trot for English/Hunter classes.

•  Gaits for Gaited horses – If a gaited horse is present in the class with Saddle Type horses, the gaits called will be: walk, easiest gait, lope/canter. Easiest gait is defined as not a trot, two diagonal feet moving in the same direction at the same time (i.e. running walk, ambling gait, rack).

•  Classic and Country Pleasure Driving- equines may not cross enter at PtHA shows.

•  Longe Line – Scoring system has been changed to match the NSBA rules and score sheet. Exhibitors may show up to two (2) entries per class.

• Addition of a Two-Year-Old Longe Line class.

• Addition of a Two-Year-Old Long Lining/Ground Driving class. This class should demonstrate aptitude, basic skills and confidence for preliminary driving. It utilizes a figure 8 pattern. Corresponding score sheet available.

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