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Plea to be Patient With Show Managers During This Time

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An Equine Production

Folks, this is a general plea to everyone for every horse show; regardless if it is one of our shows or a show down the road against one of our shows. We WANT to see you and your horses at a show in the very near future. We ask for your patience as we try to work through the various governmental guidelines, restrictions, and rules that are being put into place for the safety of all involved.

We, and all of the show managers and secretaries out there, are not withholding information from you as to the status of a horse show. We are truly trying to figure it out just like you. When we know, we will tell the world. We want to have a horse show. But, we want you to be safe as well.

What was normal for all of us is no longer and may never be again. So, when we get back to showing, please be aware that rules are in place for everyone to follow, not just your neighbor. We would hope you realize there is a reason that the rules exist. So please, help out your various show managers and secretaries. Let them work through all of the red tape that is in place. It is not just a “turn the lights on!” situation.

Most people cannot imagine all of the little details that each show committee is working through. The shows that are still on the books are dealing with overwhelming response, and we hope to accommodate each and every one of you. So until we can tell you to jog on in to the arena, keep your chin up, a smile on your face, and, if of adult age, maybe a margarita in your hand!

– Kathy for all of the Team AEP members and all show secretaries and managers of all breeds everywhere.

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