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Perfect Products Announces ProtEQtor Immune Support Formula For Your Competitive Equine

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Press release

Image courtesy of Perfect Products

Image courtesy of Perfect Products

PERFECT PRODUCTS, makers of Perfect Prep EQ, announces the release of ProtEQtor. ProtEQtor is a cutting edge formula that provides optimum immune support for performance horses while shipping and showing. ProtEQtor joins the group of highly regarded effective formulas developed and marketed for the performance horse by Perfect Products LLC.

We all know the signs too well. You’ve been at a show and you notice your horse is a little off his feed. Then comes a cough, then a nasal discharge and a fever, followed by a vet visit. He’s sick and suddenly your horse’s performance schedule is interrupted. Ahh for that ounce of prevention!

The truth is that even with the best care and vaccination program, potential exposure is everywhere as you ship your horses and stable them at event venues. Feeding ProtEQtor Immune Support Formula during periods of stress and exposure can provide you the assurance that your horse is getting the natural immune boost he needs at just the time when his immune system is most challenged.

The Three Tiered Approach

ProtEQtor is a three tiered easy-to-administer immune and recovery support formula. Bioactive passive immune support, immune balancing and antioxidant components work together to boost your horse’s natural immune response. When you are concerned about the challenges of travel, training or contact with other horses, ProtEQtor will support your horse’s healthy immune function.

Because it boosts your horse’s total normal immune response, you can also use ProtEQtor for discomfort from regular seasonal allergies and for natural immune support during periods of everyday recovery.

Lock Out Bad Bugs

ProtEQtor should be administered in anticipation of transport and stabling where immune function is most challenged. Begin ProtEQtor 48 hours prior to transport and continue using for as long as your horse may be exposed to normal immune challenges. The natural immune support from ProtEQtor continues until ProtEQtor is clear of the system.

ProtEQtor is available in a daily powder or easy-to-administer oral paste.

Take a healthy immune system with you. Travel and show with confidence knowing your horse is “ProtEQted.” For more information or to order ProtEQtor and our other innovative formulas visit

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