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Palm Desert Quarter Horses Announces Closing Their Doors

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Palm Desert Quarter Horses

“There comes a time to re-prioritize our lives and spend more time with family- to literally ‘hang up our spurs.’ We will be closing shop soon, with the NSBA World Show being our final goodbye as horse trainers. We will stay active in the industry with Keith continuing to judge and by investing in futurity horses with Mark eventually returning to the arena as an Amateur/Non-Pro in a few years.”

“This has been an amazing journey with the best clients over the years- from our earlier days as a youth barn in the ApHC, to mostly Select AQHA barn, to eventually a mixed bag of Youth and Amateur. Always with such talented horses to be thankful.”

“We will be sharing some pictures from our most memorable times over the next few weeks. Please stop by if you are at the EMO Celebration in Las Vegas, the AQHA Youth World, or NSBA World for a visit. We would like to extend a special thank you to those professionals who we have reached out to take on our clients in order to to keep them all reaching their goals and showing their beloved American Quarter Horses!”

“A huge thank you Shannon McCulloch of Pilot Point, TX and Ryan and Andrea Kail of Scottsdale, AZ. You can’t imagine how much it means to have you step up to make this transition in our lives so smooth.”

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