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NCEA Names 2020 Distinguished Alumni Awards

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A pair of Gamecock alumni, Kristen Terebesi and Kimberly McCormack, are among the winners of the 2020 NCEA Distinguished Alumni Awards. South Carolina Athletics Photo.

WACO, Texas – The NCEA is proud to announce the winners of the 2020 NCEA Distinguished Alumni Awards. These awards are presented to women who, after the completion of their undergraduate degree at an NCEA institution, have made significant contributions in a professional field.

Distinguished Alumni are recognized in eight categories including Business, Community Engagement, Education, Equine Industry (Rider/Trainer/Coach), Equine Industry (Business), Health Sciences/Services, Media & Communication, and Young Alumni. Distinguished Alumni are separated from their institution for at least 6 years prior to nomination and are recognized as distinguished in the following areas: academic success, athletic success, outstanding service contributions, and post-graduate success.

Each NCEA team had the opportunity to nominate one alumni in each category. The nominations were reviewed by a selection committee and the recommendations were approved by the NCEA Board of Directors. The 2020 Distinguished Alumni will be recognized at Award Ceremonies during the National Championship scheduled in April 2020 at the Extraco Center in Waco, Texas.

The following alumni have been selected as recipients of the 2020 NCEA Distinguished Alumni Awards:

Business: Susan Gordon, Auburn
Community Engagement: Olivia Poff, Georgia
Education: Kimberly McCormack, South Carolina
Equine Industry (Coach): Kristen Terebesi, South Carolina
Equine Industry (Business): Meredith Houx Remiger, Texas A&M
Health Sciences/Services: Ryan Batson Smithee, Baylor
Media & Communication: Tara Matsler, Texas A&M
Young Alumni: Sylvia de Toledo, SMU

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