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Jet Thompson Wins First Congress Championship With Invite Me Some More in Junior Trail

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By: Brittany Bevis

Jet Thompson and Sheryl Kissinger pose for a quick snapshot following In

Jet Thompson and Sheryl Kissinger pose for a quick snapshot following Invite Me Some More’s win in Junior Trail. 

Jet Thompson achieved a milestone this morning in the Junior Trail at the 2013 Quarter Horse Congress when he won his first Congress Championship title with Sheryl Kissinger’s Invite Me Some More. Kissinger has owned “Willy” for two years now, and the five-year-old gelding just began competing in trail earlier this year.

“He just started trail this past winter,” Thompson says. “This is his first year showing in it, so it’s a cool deal for him. He’s very talented. He was eighth in the Green Trail yesterday.”

“He’s just a wonderful individual and a very kind, loving horse. He’s always there for me.”

Thompson was impressed with the high level of difficulty presented in Tim “The Trail Man” Kimura’s pattern. When asked to select the most challenging obstacle on the course today, Thompson couldn’t pick just one.

“All of them were difficult,” he says. “Willy is a beautiful mover and has some of the prettiest lope-overs you’ll see. He’s a very soft-moving horse and very pretty and expressive over the poles. It’s an attractive picture overall.”

Horse owner, Sheryl Kissinger, was definitely feeling some nerves today as she watched anxiously from the stands waiting for Willy and Thompson to conclude their pattern.

“It was nerve-wracking,” she says. “I was videoing, so he could watch the replay on the camera, and I was shaking the whole time. It was actually a pretty shaky job of videoing, but it was so exciting!”

Thompson marked a 229 1/2 to best a field of some 50 plus tough trail competitors to claim the win today.

“This is actually my first [Congress Championship],” he says. “I’ve been a bridesmaid here, so it’s very exciting.”

 Junior Trail

1-Invite Me Some More/Jet Thompson

2-A Sudden Illusion/Tami Adams McAllister

3-Too Hot To Frisk/Joni Nelson

4-The Best Bet Yet/Mike Hawkins

5-Only One Way To Rick/Jason Gilliam

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